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Frase que acompaña y da soporte a la palabra superior.
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WUF 10

Buy Carisoprodol India - Buy Soma Carisoprodol Online

The metropolitan stretch of the Llobregat River is 30 km long and crosses the territory of seventeen municipalities. This space, known as the Llobregat River Park, is offered as a green corridor and a water path that connects the Collserola massif with the seafront, thus becoming an essential connector between metropolitan spaces of great ecological value. 

The AMB has coordinated the recovery of this river space through the creation of the Llobregat River Park. Investments total more than €24 million. This model has been replicated in other metropolitan regions of the world, including ones in Morocco and Colombia.


Focal point:

Buy Carisoprodol India - Buy Soma Carisoprodol Online





Martín Gullón.

Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)

Soma 350Mg Tablets


93 223 51 51


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