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Frase que acompaña y da soporte a la palabra superior.
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WUF 10

Buy Soma In Us, Buy Soma From Canada

The AMB was created in 2010 by a Law of the Parliament of Catalonia. It is a local institution that manages the metropolitan public services of Barcelona, including 36 municipalities and 3.2 million inhabitants. The AMB is the body responsible for managing sustainable mobility and public transport, the water cycle, urban waste management, spatial planning and public space, economic development and social cohesion, and strategic planning. 

As part of its international relations policy, the AMB shares its institutional and governance model by working in a network with other metropolises in Europe and the world, using advocacy to introduce a more metropolitan dimension in global agendas. The AMB is currently assisting in metropolis development processes in other cities, including San Salvador, Maputo and Tripoli.



Focal point:

Buy Soma In Us, Buy Soma From Canada





International Area.

Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)

Soma 350Mg Tablets

93 223 51 51












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