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Buy Soma London, Buy Soma Watson

The Government of Catalonia formally declared a climate emergency in May 2019, thus joining political institutions around the world which have formally declared a climate and environmental emergency to attain the mitigation objectives stipulated in the Law on Climate Change enacted in summer 2017.


With this goal in mind, the Government is making the following commitments, among others: 

    • To lower greenhouse gas emissions in Catalonia and foster the transition to a low-carbon economy.
    • To reach a 100% renewable, non-nuclear and decarbonised energy model.
    • To promote the circular economy. 
    • To achieve a sustainable mobility model.
    • To recover ecosystems and stop the loss of biodiversity.
    • To lower the vulnerability of those sectors of society at risk.
    • To install renewable energy facilities (wind and photovoltaic).
    • To start the adaptation to climate change and its irreversible effects.


To this end, the 1st Catalan Climate Action Summit was held in January 2020. This Summit aims to be a meeting point for coming to consensus on a roadmap in the short and middle term that will enable climate change mitigation and adaptation policies to be developed with commitments from not only the Government but also all the stakeholders involved.

The Summit aims to engage different economic and social sectors like finance and insurance; housing, construction, infrastructures and urban planning; universities, education and research; tourism, chemical industry and water; ports and airports; risks and adaptation to risks; agriculture, food and water; automotive and mobility; youth climate action movements; environmental third sector; and owners and managers of the media, to deal with climate change and encourage climate action.


Focal point:

Buy Soma London, Buy Soma Watson





Secretaria de Medi Ambient i Sostenibilitat:

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