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Frase que acompaña y da soporte a la palabra superior.
Sólo usar este número de caracteres.
WUF 10

Soma Muscle Relaxer 350Mg, Soma Online Next Day Delivery

The bicycle must play a role in the design of our future, decarbonised mobility. With this intention, the Government of Catalonia has approved the Catalan Bicycle Strategy 2025, which aims to build a clear, determined roadmap to definitively return the bicycle to the significant role it historically played in our cities. This would lead to friendlier and more sustainable urban mobility.

The aim of the strategy is to join forces for a bicycle-friendly Catalonia, to achieve public space that allows for safe and comfortable bicycle mobility, and to boost and encourage citizens to use this means of transport more frequently. To succeed in increasing the daily use of the bicycle, some specific actions are being proposed, such as: ensuring continuous and connected rideability in all urban areas; promoting safe, comfortable and direct bicycle mobility; interconnecting urban and productive areas located within a 10-km radius, and boosting bicycle-public transport intermodality. 


Focal point:

Soma Muscle Relaxer 350Mg, Soma Online Next Day Delivery






Deputy Director General of Planning and Technology:
Directorate General of Mobility Infrastructures
Santi Ribas
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