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Frase que acompaña y da soporte a la palabra superior.
Sólo usar este número de caracteres.
WUF 10

Buy Soma Next Day, Cheapest Carisoprodol Online

This programme operates in cities or urban systems with a verified demand and where the market excludes citizens who would have to make an extra effort to access housing.

Promoting housing with a rental income between 20% and 40% below the citywide rental market, with the maximum limit of the HPO rental price, according to Decree 75/2014, of 27 May.

Promoting economically sustainable, high-quality, energy-efficient developments; while minimising the consumption of the territory, meaning building on consolidated urban land.

Financing the developments with the resources from the security deposits from rental housing contracts, requiring all developments be financially viability.


The economic and financial crisis has made it necessary to prioritise housing policies that focus on resolving housing emergencies. These policies are embodied in the processing of a regulatory body of laws with a marked social character. The aim is to occupy vacant housing stock instead of constructing new homes: 

– A decree of urgent extraordinary measures for the mobilisation of housing from foreclosure processes

– A law on the taxation of empty houses and apartments

– A law comprising urgent measures to tackle the emergency in the area of housing and energy poverty


The Catalan Land Institute (INCASÒL), acting as a public housing developer, is the body in charge of promoting public housing for the Government of Catalonia.

In its 35 years of existence it has built 37,071 homes, 19,795 of which were rentals.

The Catalan Land Institute (INCASÒL) plans, finances and constructs housing.

The Catalan Housing Agency administers, manages and uses the housing stock on behalf of the Catalan Land Institute.

The Catalan Land Institute is the owner of the housing units.


To promote new rental developments for the 2017-2020 period

To prioritise rental contracts in order to maintain public housing ownership

To create activity in the construction and architecture sector

To promote environmentally sustainable actions


2017 · 1st  Phase 136 homes →  4 developments · Projects being drafted

2018 · 2nd Phase 186 homes → 5 developments · Call for tenders from architects

2019 · 3rd Phase 300 homes → 8 developments · Underway

2020 · 4th Phase 400 homes → 11 developments · Underway

Planned investment €95 M in 28 rental development projects



Deposits from rental contracts on housing, commercial premises, car parks, industrial warehouses, etc.

The law establishes that this money is to be used to carry out housing policies.

The land comes from property owned, municipal transfer, surface rights or administrative concession. The cooperation instrument is the agreement. 


Dependent on market prices with discounts of between 20% and 40% and always below or equal to official protected (government funded) housing rates.


Planning actions in towns with verified demand, guaranteeing the social aims of the housing and the economic sustainability of the development project

Determining the type of housing: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, surface area, fittings, etc.

Analysis of the socio-economic situation of the town or neighbourhood

Demographic data from the area

Types of family groups and types of housing in relation to their environment

Number of rooms per housing unit

Number of people per housing unit

A study of the rental rates in the town or neighbourhood using our own data, data from real estate agents in the area, public agencies, etc.


Functional programme

Environmental measures

Reduction of energy consumption

Generation of renewable energy 


Focal point:

Buy Soma Next Day, Cheapest Carisoprodol Online






Project coordinator


Pere Picorelli, Catalan Land Institute, INCASÒL

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